Georgia Mandatory Labor Law Updates July 2019

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Did you know Georgia released a revised version of the Workman's Compensation Bill of Rights document July 2019? If you haven't updated yet, you are out of compliance.

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his updated Georgia poster boasting revised employee rights and responsibilities including new benefit dollar amounts. 

  • In catastrophic cases and non catastrophic cases, the employee is eligible to receive two-thirds of their current weekly wage, but no more that $675 (previously $575). 
  • If an employee dies while on the job, their beneficiaries are eligible to receive two-thirds of their current weekly wage, but no more than $676. A widowed spouse supporting her children is entitled to receive up to $270,000. 
  • If due to on the job injuries, an employee is able to return to work but forced to take a lower paying job they are entitled to an additional weekly benefit of up to $450 (for up to 350 weeks).

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