Hawaii Business Owners Required to Update Their Labor Law Posters July 2019

If you own a business in the state of Hawaii and you have employees, you are required to have an updated Labor Law Poster with the documents most recently revised in July 2019. Avoid fines by ensuring to enact these mandatory updates.

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Hawaii has recently updated six mandatory documents for their labor law posters requiring business owners to update their posters or face fines including: 

Dislocated Workers/Plant Closing Poster which includes updated contact information for the new director.

Minimum Wage Poster including updates to the current minimum wage set to $10.10/hr.

Workers’ Compensation Poster including new contact and director information.

Unemployment Insurance Poster which includes new department head and contact information.

Occupational Safety and Health Protection Poster  which includes a new phone number. 


All posters must be updated to ensure compliance and avoid fines. Get your updated poster here.