Nevada Mandatory Labor Law Poster Update July 2019

If you are a business owner in Nevada, do NOT miss this mandatory Labor Law Poster update or you could be at risk for State and Federal Fines. Your Nevada Labor Law Poster needs an update. Here's whats new in July for NV:

  • Rules to be Observed by Employers poster has been revised including new updated information on sick leave and detail requirements. 
  • Discrimination Notice has been revised to restructure whats constitutes discrimination in NV. 
  • Nevada Minimum Wage update includes both current and future minimum wages for employees as of July 1, 2019 and will increase each year until 2024. 
  • Nevada Paid Leave poster has issued new notifications when it comes to employers of injured or ill employees. Paid leave is required for every private employer with more than 50 employees. All specifics are included in the poster included who qualifies, how much, and how it can be used. 
  • Nevada's Sick Leave Poster, effective May 15, 2019, is a new notice specifying all concerns in relation to employee illness. Clarifying that an employee does not need to be physically present to notify employer of illness or injury. 

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